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The.Gallery is the destination to showcase Art of every style in every medium.  The.Gallery is temporarily closed while undergoing an expansion and transformative shift towards the digital space.  We will of course continue to maintain our traditional relationships and will never abandon the physical forms.  However, our team is also hard at work upgrading our infrastructure to accomodate closer integrations with emerging technologies and to enable more direct connections with creators and collectors.   While some voices continue to lament what they characterize as an unhealthy commodification we assure you we will continue to promote and maintain as a guiding principle the aesthetic of art for art's sake. 

That said,  we will always retain our core commitment and motivation to ensure creators are empowered.  This necessarily means that Works are appropriately valued and that creators are appropriately compensated.  Embracing The Chain does not mean The.Gallery is becoming "The.Giftshop" as some have suggested.  On the contrary, this expansion is entirely consistent with our founding principles and will enable The.Gallery to provide an even more immersive experience for our patrons and a more rewarding experience for artists.

Kindly contact Curator@The.Gallery for assistance with purchase inquiries or if you wish to be featured within The.Gallery  



Virtual Venue

Our virtual venue showcases Art and Digital Assets of creators, collectors, physical art galleries and museums worldwide featuring both established and emerging artists and including crypto-art minted on blockchains.  While it is contrary to the practice of The.Gallery and international standards to offer financial appraisals or evaluations to the general public there are many useful resources we are pleased to provide.  Our curators engage in research at The.Gallery and at their affiliated institutions.  Piece prices are established and staked by the artists in consultation with The.Gallery  

In-person viewings available by appointment only     

Websites & Links

We collaborate with some of the world's most avant garde artists, galleries and institutions.   Our Resource list is one of the most comprehensive available thanks to the generous contributions of our institutional and private sector patrons

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